This is one of our many days to be proud to be an American - proud to live in a democracy - proud to know we have a Bill of Rights - proud to have a constitution that gives us the right to vote.

For students, what more appropriate time to discuss and determine the vital issues? Let's ask the question: "What laws would you enact to make our country a better place to live?"

Our Patriotic Pencils cover a vast range of history. They are the "Write" way to learn and enjoy.

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Custom Class Roster Rulers


   Our new Custom Class Roster Ruler allows for the header text to be a custom imprint field.
  • Fit your entire class, up to 36 names!
  • Inspire your students!
  • Give a memorable keepsake!

    Our Custom Class Roster Rulers are printed with a personalized header message of your choice and your students' very own names! Your Class will love seeing their names printed along with images of all 44 Presidents of the United States. Each colorful plastic ruler is 100% made in the USA.

    Important Ordering Information:
  • Imprint Line 1 is your header text, max 55 characters
  • Imprint Lines 2-36 are your students names, max 24 characters
  • Minimum order 5 Rulers (with 5 names)
  • Maximum 36 names per ruler.

    Ordering more than 36 Rulers?
  • Order online and we'll automatically split your roster into multiple ruler versions.
  • To order multiple ruler versions please email FTOService@Atlaspen.com or fax your order.

    Uploading your Class Roster is fast and easy! You will be prompted to enter your your roster and imprint at checkout.
    Price:$ 0.69