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During Teacher Appreciation Week, we honor the dedication of men and women who lend their skills to educating our children. It is during this week that we want to show our appreciation and offer the special thanks that our teachers so richly deserve.

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Pin - I Make a Difference


   Clutch back pins make great gifts for all school staff members.
Price:$ 2.19  

Pin - Academic Excellence


   Honor your students for their achievements. Metal and enamel clutch back pins.

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Sale Price $1.89
You Save 13%
Price:$ 1.89  

Pin - Readers Become Leaders


   Awards-rewards (request pricing for large quanity)
Price:$ 2.19  

Apple Stress Balls


   Who says teachers get stressed? Just in case you want to squoosh this apple to relieve tension, go right ahead and squoosh and squoosh to your heart's content, and relax. 2 1/2".
Price:$ 1.00  

Pin - Math Power


   Clutch back pin perfect for those who excel at math.

A great product for Pi Day (March 14) and all year through!
Price:$ 2.19  

Pin Reading Rocks


   Atlas reward pins are great for any occasion. Clutch back.
Price:$ 2.19  

Pi Mug


   The ultimate math teacher's gift. This humorous mug shares your irrational love of pi with the world. You can even use pi to determine the circumference of this white-ceramic mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Price:$ 3.99  

Pi is Pie Mind Blown Mug


   Our new Pi is Pie Mind Blown Mug will delight both Teachers and Students alike! It's a fun way to express your irrational love of Pi. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 11 oz.
Price:$ 3.99  

FOIL Method Mug


   Factor in your love for the FOIL Method with our new FOIL Method Mug! Dishwasher and microwave safe. 11 oz.
Price:$ 3.99  

Teaching is a Work of Heart Stylus Pen


   A multipurpose tool with a sentimental touch. Our light weight pen does double duty with a twist action ball point pen on one end a soft silicone stylus on the other. The universal stylus is compatible with any touch screen device and is the accurate precision point tip won't leave any smudges or scratches. Includes velvet pouch carrying case.
Price:$ 2.89  

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