Pi Day, March 14th

March 14th (3.14) we celebrate Pi. Π is the symbol used to
represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its
diameter and is our favorite irrational number!

Did you know Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day?
Above his Desk at Princeton University, is the following quote.

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not
everything that can be counted counts".

Our Pi Digits Pencils are a must have giveaway for your students and friends. Order early to ensure Pre-Pi Day Delivery!

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Pin - Math Power


   Clutch back pin perfect for those who excel at math.

A great product for Pi Day (March 14) and all year through!
Price:$ 2.19  

Math Whiz Incentive Punch Cards


   These fun punch cards are a great motivator. Offer students a prize when they fill the card with stamps. See a difference in classroom behavior in no time. Not only do these cards motivate, they also help track student progress and judge completion of goals. Use Positive Behavior punch cards encourages civility and citizenship in the classroom. 36 cards per set.
Price:$ 4.29  

Math Award Ribbon


   Award ribbons-a perfect way to award deserving students and to promote excellence and behavior. 25 per package. 6" x 2"
Price:$ 7.49  

Fancy Math Whiz Ribbons


   Full color award ribbons include paper label on back side for personalization. 25 ribbons per set.
Price:$ 10.95  



   This traditional game provides practice in many math skills. Natural wood storage box hold 28 double-six dominoes. Includes instructions. Grades k and up.

Regular Price $1.09
Sale Price $1.00
You Save 10%
Price:$ 1.00  

Dice Erasers


   24 assorted color dice. Use them in games or as an eraser.
Price:$ 7.95  

Barrel Sharpeners


   For sharp points
Price:$ 13.95  

KUM High Quality Ellipse Sharpeners


   You asked for it, so we delivered the highest quality sharpeners anywhere. There are so many amazing features about these sharpeners, it's almost unbelievable. First, they are just about unbreakable. Their elliptical shape and ultra hard plastic body creates a shatterproof container. Second, their blades are made of high-carbon steel which are long lasting and sharp. Additionally, the blades are slightly curved and flexible so they contour to the shape of a pencil.

This sharpener creates a perfectly sharpened point every time. There is no mess either, the built in container catches all the shavings. Engineered and manufactured by KUM in Germany, the world's leader in sharpener design.

Each package includes 10 assorted color sharpeners.
Price:$ 22.95  

Custom Yellow Hexagon Pencils


   Printed to order with your personalized message, 1 line up to 36 letters and spaces. 144 premium #2 pencils per order, non-toxic and supplied unsharpened with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will be prompted to enter your custom imprint at checkout.
Price:$ 22.95  

Custom Red Hexagon Pencils - Black Imprint


   144 pencils, red with your message printed in black. Just .15 cents per pencil.

For the holidays, year round gifts or as incentives, pencils are a perfect teacher gift. Quality No. 2 pencil, plus erasers that erase! Pencils are supplied unsharpened. Any 1-line message, up to 60 letters and spaces will be printed in black with your name, slogan or special imprint.
You will be prompted to enter customization at checkout time.

Please allow 1-2 weeks production time plus shipping.
Price:$ 22.95  

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