Veterans Day

November 11 is a time set aside to honor American veterans, of all wars, for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

As we recognize their contributions to the cause of peace and freedom around the world, let us join hands in common purpose and say.

"Thank You" to our veterans.

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Camouflage Pop-A-Points


   No sharpening ever. 10 Points in each pencil

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.
Price:$ 16.95  

Constitution (Preamble) Pencils


   The Preamble,"We the people...." all on one pencils. No.2 Bonded, non-toxic, soft erasers, supplied unsharpened, 1 gross per box.

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.
Price:$ 21.99  

Custom Red, White and Blue Hexagon Pencils


   Printed to order with your personalized message. 144 premium #2 pencils per order, non-toxic and supplied unsharpened. You will be prompted to enter your custom imprint at checkout.
Price:$ 22.95  

Fireworks Rocket Erasers


   5 stacked erasers in each barrel. Assorted blue and black barrels feature a fireworks motif. 36 Rocket Erasers per display.
Price:$ 22.95  

Flag Erasers


   A substantial eraser 2" x 1" that will never erase out stars and stripes. 48 per box.
Price:$ 9.95